Community, Awards and Media


Blantyre Farms prides itself on being an active member of both our local community, and also the wider Australian Pork Industry.

Each year we host school groups and university students at our piggery, with the goal of showcasing the pork industry.

We are active participants and sponsors in many local community events, schools, arts societies, sporting organisations, and crisis care for those in need, in particular the NSW Farmers partnership with the Salvation Army, and the Young Pork Producers, aimed at providing a hot Christmas dinner to those in our community in need.

Awards and Media

We’re excited to win the Resource Efficiency award at the 2018 Green Globe Awards, announced by the by the Minister for the Environment on 4 October 2018. We are proud to be recognised for achieving real progress towards a better, healthier future for our planet and the next generation.

We were also honoured with the Young Environmental Citizen of the Year award from Hilltops Council in the 2019 Australia Day awards.

Blantyre Farms was the first farm and piggery in Australian to be certified under the Renewable Energy Target with an accredited biogas electricity generation system sourced from agricultural waste, and we are still leading the Australian Pork Industry in our sustainability measures:

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