Renewable Energy

Electricity Generation through Biogas

We are the first farm and the first piggery to be certified under the Renewable Energy Target with an accredited biogas electricity generation system sourced from agricultural waste. The effluent from our piggery flows into a covered pond, the biogas is captured and refined into methane which runs the generators to provide electricity for our site. Excess green, renewable electricity is sold back into the national grid.

Combusting the methane turns it into carbon dioxide, which has 1/25th of the impact as a greenhouse gas. This is acknowledged by the Clean Energy Regulator, and allows for the creation of Large Generation Credits and Carbon Credits.

Since the inception of our project, we have had over 100,000 Carbon Credits awarded, which reflects that our project has reduced methane emissions into the atmosphere by over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

The solid effluent, after the harvest of the biogas, is spread on our paddocks as a complete carbon based fertiliser. This reduces the purchase of synthetic fertiliser, and is used to grow grain which is fed back to the pigs.