Sustainable Inputs

Purchasing feed for our pigs accounts for almost half of our expenses.

We feed our pigs a nutritious and sustainably sourced diet, tailored to their age and life stage to meet their requirements by our qualified nutritionist.

Blantyre Farms utilises 13,500 tonnes of waste food products each year to feed our pigs. These food products, while nutritionally sound and healthy are not suitable for retail sale and would otherwise end up as landfill, releasing methane as they decompose.

We also use approximately 3,500 tonnes of grain each year, half is grown on our farm, and the remainder is grown within a close local radius. Sourcing grain from local farmers benefits our local community, and reduces the financial and environmental costs of freighting grain over long distances. Our grain is milled on site using our green, renewable energy.

Watch this great recycling story, Looking after the Environment, produced by Australian Pork Limited.