Pork – a sustainable & nutritious food

Pork is the most consumed meat globally, and is a well loved and versatile part of the Australian diet. Being high in protein and rich in many vitamins and minerals it provides excellent nutrition.

For recipes which showcase pork’s versatility, visit Australian Pork

Our pork is produced in an environmentally sustainable and low carbon method, with all electricity used on site generated from the pigs methane and the pig feed sourced in a sustainable manner using local grain where possible.

Pigs are efficient energy convertors with a low feed conversion ratio. This, together with their fast and efficient reproduction systems, allows pork to be an excellent source of sustainable meat in your diet.

Housing all of our pigs indoors allows us to closely manage and protect the pig’s health, feed each animal a diet suited to their life stage and nutritional requirements, and manage their effluent in an environmentally sustainable manner.