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Blantyre Farms is committed to sustainability.

Blantyre Farms has a commercial methane digestion system, that captures methane gas generated from pig manure. The gas is then turned into electricity.

Blantyre Farms has reduced its power and gas bill from $15,000 per month to now being paid in excess of $5,000 per month for excess power sold to the grid.

Hot water is also heated from the generator and used to heat areas for the piglets, further reducing the amount of power needed.

Not only is the process economical, methane gas has a global warming potential of 21 times that of carbon. By capturing and burning the methane gas it is also beneficial to the environment.

We believe we have the lowest carbon footprint of any pig farm in Australia.


Blantyre Farms utilises lots of waste products from human food factories, like waste dairy products.

These waste products which would traditionally end up as landfill, provide nutritious feed for our pigs – a great recycling story!

Watch this great recycling story, Looking after the Environment, produced by Australian Pork Limited.


To maintain our high health status and protect our pigs from diseases we have a strict farm biosecurity system. Visitors to the farm must meet farm criteria & be approved by management.


Blantyre Farms is focused on minimising its impact on the environment.

Monitoring results for EPL 1643 & EPL 11468 :

Monitoring Results

Our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan:

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